charlotte allen
multidisciplinary creative driven by social impact, currently based in Amsterdam
02 - Less Alcohol Unit Brand + identity [2021] The aim of this unit within the World Health Organisation is to raise awareness over the harmful effects of alcohol and the economic and health problems such use can cause. Upon researching I discovered that it takes the body around 60 minutes to breakdown just one standard unit of alcohol which is around 10ml/8g. This discovery formed the identity of the unit through a series of dots. Each dot represents the minutes taken appearing in series of 60, 30, 3 and 1. Templates for products within the unit such as reports, webinars and policy briefs were also required. I chose a sans-serif and a serif typeface to accompany one another. The quirks of the serif typeface are shown off through larger headings, extracted quotes and sub-headings, and the sans-serif is used for smaller sections of text.
info + 04 - 'what to eat, when' 
2021 seasonal wall calendar