charlotte allen
multidisciplinary creative driven by social impact, currently based in Amsterdam
My Good Gut Branding, identity & food blog A place for community, nutritional education and recipe ideas for those suffering with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2018 I have been educating myself into the world of foods that boost our gut microbiome, ultimately improving my symptoms whilst experiencing a flare up. Through being my own ginuea pig, I cook, photograph and upload recipes that do and do not help my gut health, in order to help those also suffering from the disease. All the information is free and is based on dietary advice received from a qualified nutritionist. My Good Gut exists to not only to develop a more holistic approach on how to live with this chronic disease, but connect with those, and bring those together who are also living with it. More information and goodness here -
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