charlotte allen
multidisciplinary creative driven by social impact, currently based in Amsterdam
Prolong Product Design & Material research [2018] Aware of the throw-away culture we are currently living in and the short life span of products, for my final major project I wanted to challenge our preconceptions of things we consider 'waste'. Through exploration, material research and experimentation I wanted to show these materials in a new light. I collected exactly one months worth of my households recyclable waste and turned it into a 65cm tall 3-legged stool for the kitchen in my student home. The seat not only proves these abundant waste streams potential and strength, but also becomes an object that draws conversation and awareness. The seat is made up of HDPE plastic, and the legs are from paper and cardboard. Scroll down for the process video.
info + 04 - 'what to eat, when' 
2021 seasonal wall calendar