charlotte allen
multidisciplinary creative driven by social impact, currently based in Amsterdam
02 - World Health Organisation Graphic Design [2020] I was asked by the World Health Organisation to design a new identity for their Non-Communicable Diseases programme. The job involved the design and layout of 14 reports covering the four common non-transferable diseases, cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory and diabetes. Combining science and design, I chose to use the profiles of the face - as these are diseases that mostly affect only humans. I positioned them in a way to resemble hope and strength. The number of faces represents the four common diseases. Each disease is assigned its colour in two tones. These two tones are used throughout the inside of the report and as a subtle gradient on the front covers. Conscious of the denseness of these reports and their scientific depth, I wanted to achieve an identity that made the non-communicable, more digestible.
info + 04 - 'what to eat, when' 
2021 seasonal wall calendar